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If you are a small business and your looking for a website chances are you have requested a few quotes.  Now chances are these quotes are in the thousands and if you are just starting up that can be alot of money.

This puts alot of business owners off and they decide to make a website themselves on a free website builder like wix.  However most of the time these sites don't look too professional as it's hard to make your own website.  We have had plenty of clients that have tried making their own websites and they have struggled and ended up with something that they hated.

Not only does this make them angry but it also wasted precious time which they could have used on something else.  So in this article i will give you an alternative.  Something called pay monthly websites.

A pay monthly website is exactly what you would expect it to be.  A website that you pay a monthly fee for.  In this article i will tell you exactly what to look out for when purchasing one of these monthly packages so that you don't get ripped off.

1) Price

The price of a monthly website design package should cost in my opinion around £75-£150, any less and your paying too little for a professional to work on your website, any more and you can probably get a better deal else where.

Price is a great indication on the service that you are signing up to.  If something sounds too good to be true then there is a good chance that it's going to be. 

Personally i wouldn't expect to pay £35 a month for a Porsche so if someone was telling me i could get one in that price bracket i would immediately think that something was up.

Another thing to look out for when it comes to the price of these website packages is if there is an upfront fee or not.  Some of the pay monthly websites charge up to £500 for a setup while the better ones seem to give them for free.  If it was me i would do my homework first before deciding on paying for a monthly website and paying an up front fee.  To me it makes no sense to do it this way.

2) What does your website need?

Do you need all the bells and whistles, do you need a simple one page website? That's down to you to decide.  I personally don't like one page websites and think all businesses should have a few different pages, to tell people what they do, how to contact them, images/ videos of past work etc.

Some companies charge you more for the pages you need on a website, i find this impractical as you will want a website developer that supports your business rather than limits it.  I wouldn't go with a provider that didn't want me to succeed.

If you are a regular sized business and need a website that supports your business goals then check out they make businesses for people like you without any up front fees.

3) Contract lengths

Think of it this way, does locking you into a huge contract scream that the website business do a good job? to me it doesn't.  To me it says that they just want to get you locked in and then provide you with any old junk. 

Forget that, you want to hire an agency that doesn't require any long contracts.  The reason being, if they are a good web design agency then they won't need to lock you into anything as you wont want to leave. 

Typical contract lengths last 12-24 months, but you can find some web design agencies that don't require any contracts at all.

4) How easy will your website be to edit?

Knowing how easy your website will be to edit should be a massive consideration on your part.  Some agencies build all of their sites statically (it's cheaper and takes less time) but it makes your job of editing a nightmare.

Other better agencies will build your website into a content management system like Wordpress.  A content management system like Wordpress will make your site so much easier to edit and won't require you to know any coding to edit your website.   You can see how easy it is to edit your website in Wordpress in the video below.


Choosing the right provider for your new website can be difficult, so take your time and shop around, read their testimonials and finally check out the work that agency has done, by doing so you are giving yourself an excellent chance of picking the right web design agency for your business.

I personally would compare the quality of the work too. As you know you can get pay monthly websites starting at £35 and they go all the way up to £150.  For me that is a massive gap and either someone is under charging, over charging or something else.  Take a look at the quality difference in the cheaper sites to the more expensive sites.  I find that the cheaper sites have more mistakes on them, have broken parts of the site and generally the design is very poor compared to the more expensive agencies.

Ultimately you are going to want to pick the agency that you can afford that does the best work for your money.  I would say to remember that this website is your companies first impression to nearly everyone that is considering doing business with your company, for that reason you need it to make a good first impression.

I hope the points above have helped you when it comes to choosing a web design agency for your business.


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